Circulating claim about the new “Deltacron” variant

The news of the new Covid19 variant purportedly known as Deltacron, from a combination of the Delta and Omicron variant started trending on twitter in late December. According to reports, claims about the new variant were first reported by Leonidos Kostrikis a researcher and scientist at the University of Cyprus  who said that they had […]


Circulating image purportedly of a Ugandan health worker

An image of a health worker with clothes soaked in mad has been making rounds on social media purportedly depicting the struggle that medical professionals vaccinating for polio in Uganda are going through due to the poor roads in the different parts of the country. Dr. Jimmy Opingo, @opingojimmy on twitter, who posted the picture […]

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List in circulation regarding appointment and reshuffle of RDCs, RCCs and their deputies is fake.

There is a leaked list in circulation of people purported to having been appointed by President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni to the offices of Resident District Commissioners(RDCs), Resident City Commissioners(RCCs) and their deputies. But in a statement, by James Tweheyo from the RDC Secretariat, which is run under the presidency, has dismissed the above as […]

Claims that Kyabazinga of Busoga has been dethroned

The Busoga Kingdom has refuted claims that the Kingdom has dethroned William Nadiope 1V as the Kyabazinga. In a notice dated January 3, making rounds on social media, it is claimed that the hereditary Saza Chiefs Royal Council of Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga had moved a vote of No Confidence and removed William Nadiope as […]

Financial scam of purported bail out for Maj Abel Kandiho

UPDF has raised an alarm on an ongoing scam by unknown fraudsters claiming to be mobilising financial support to bail out CMI boss Maj Abel Kandiho. The fraudsters are said to be taking money from unsuspecting victims, in the name of bailing out Kandiho following the U.S financial sanctions put on him recently. However, according […]

Fake tweet purportedly posted by Lt Gen Muhoozi on Kakwenza’s arrest

A viral screenshot of a tweet purportedly posted by Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba on lawyer Kakwenza’s arrest is fake. The tweet in question attributed to Muhoozi, appears to suggest that the First son was the mastermind of the arrest of lawyer Kakwenza who is currently under house arrest. However, we checked Muhoozi’s verified Twitter account […]

Claim by Daily Monitor that over 40m vaccines at risk of expiry

Claim by Daily Monitor that over 40 million Covid-19 vaccines are at a risk of expiry is false. In an article published on Tuesday, the publication indicated that the vaccines would likely expire by March 2022 due to apathy and Logistics. However, the Ministry of Health has clarified that the earliest the doses are likely […]

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Is Omicron more severe than the Delta variant?

With the emergency of the Omicron variant around the globe, a number of publications on the internet suggest otherwise about the variant in comparison to the Delta variant which is still considered the most dominant of all variants by World Health Organisation. Stories characterizing the variant have taken over the internet with different claims that, […]

Misleading story by New Vision that Gov’t released Shs71 bn compensation for Acomai irrigation plant

The story run by New Vision suggesting that gov’t released Shs71 billion compensation for Acomai irrigation project is false. The story was run by the print on Monday, December 20, 2021. However, according to Agriculture minister, Frank Tumwebaze, this is not true. In a tweet, Tumwebaze clarified that the Shs71 billion is the actual cost […]

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Fake rumour that Bobi Wine is fundraising money for NUP’s party activities.

A rumour came into circulation claiming that National Unity Platform’s party President, Bobi Wine was fundraising funds to help him in the party activities. But through his social media platforms said that this is fake news.