Claim that Entebbe airport has rebranded to HUEN airport


Claim that Entebbe airport has rebranded to HUEN airport

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HUEN is Entebbe International airport's code for ICAO

A claim that Entebbe international airport was sold off has resurfaced on social media.

According to different posters on twitter, it’s alleged that the airport is now called HUEN, hence belonging to the Chinese.

However, the claim is false. HUEN is a code assigned by the International Civil Aviation Organisation(ICAO), an arm of the United Nations that ensures aviation regulations across different countries and continents.

ICAO assigns codes generally used by air traffic control in crafting their flight plans. H is assigned to East Africa, U stands for Uganda, then EN stands for Entebbe where the airport is located as applies to other places like Masindi for HUMI.

It should be remembered that this same rumour once circulated on 26th November 2021 and was dismissed by Civil Aviation Authority’s Vianney Luggya as false.