Claim that protests in Kabale are about illegal immigration of Rwandans.


Claim that protests in Kabale are about the illegal immigration of Rwandans.

Partially Correct
The taxi drivers explained that the Rwandans have bought taxis and charge high fares.

The people of Kabale had a peaceful demonstration on Sunday  because of the illegal immigration of the Rwandans into the country. The Butanda-Rubaya-Kabale road was blocked by the residents especially the taxi drivers.

The residents argued that Rwandans get special treatment from the corrupt leaders for covering their illegal immigration. Peter Mwijusya, the chairperson of the taxi Drivers Association said this could increase insecurity along the border. The two countries have had sour relations since 2020. The residents want more patrols allocated at the border to reduce the entry of the Rwandans.