Misleading information regarding the dismissal of the 153 Police Officers.


There is a Tweet claimed to have been made by the Uganda Police on April 26, 2021 at 9:24 PM informing the public about the dismissal of 153 Police Officers. In the Tweet it says, "We hereby confirm that the following 153 police officers have been dismissed from service for involving in partisan politics where they voted for NUP party president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert yet our Commissioner in Chief was also a candidate."

Partially Correct
This Tweet does not exist on the Uganda Police Twitter Account. The Tweet on the Official Uganda Police Account regarding the dismissal of Police Officers was posted at 5:00 PM and not 9:24 PM as this tweet suggests. The 153 Police Officers were dismissed but the reason was not related to ties with the National Unity Platform NUP as the Tweet suggests.

These 153 Police Officers were dismissed at different intervals following different forms of misconduct.
According to Uganda Police, In the first category, a total of 73 officers, were dismissed between 2015 and 2019, following internal disciplinary actions. 41 were absent from duty without official leave, C/S 44(1) code 20b; 06, were charged with discreditable or irregular conduct C/S 44(1) code 12b; 05 were dismissed for neglect of duty, C/S 44(1) code 19(c); 12 on grounds of Scandalous manner c/s 44(1), code 14(1) and (2); 01 for causing loss to Government Property c/s44(1) code 7 and 28; 03 for drunkardness c/s 44(1) code 13, 02 for withdrawal from duty o1 for damage to clothing or Articles supplied for duty c/s 44(1) code 26a and 02 for disobedience of lawful orders
Read full Press Release here for more information on the categories of Police Officers that were dismissed. The reasons for the dismissal of all Police Officers in the different categories do not reflect what is written in the Tweet above.