Fake letter purportedly issued by an officer from the presidency office

A recommendation letter purportedly written by an officer from the presidency office requesting for Canada travel visa is fake. The letter is purported to have been written by Janet Mbabazi allegedly working as Deputy Principle Secretary to President Museveni. However this letter is fake. According to the president’s senior press secretary, Nabusaayi, there is no […]

New Vision

Claim that some Ugandans have opened up bars close to the border of DRC

The President of Uganda Museveni had closed the borders in March 2020. This was done to control the spread of COVID-19 in Uganda. Gradually the country started to open up again after the increased number of vaccinated people. Only schools and bars are still closed which has  put a strain on those businesses. Some Ugandans […]

Old fire fighting equipment purported to have been given to Masaka region by Uganda Police

Police has debunked an old fire fighting equipment it purportedly gave to Masaka region. The claim was made on a Facebook page account in names of Radio Simba Ffemwe Mweffe which posted the image with a caption suggesting that the old equipment was donated by Uganda Police. However, according to Uganda Police. This is not […]


Claim that people who have been vaccinated against COVID 19 should isolate

A claim that people should isolate after getting vaccinated has been making round. According to the poster, this is so because the vaccines are made with live virus  SARS-COV-2 virus cells which are administered into one’s body and that the vaccines instead give one COVID19.If one doesn’t isolate, they can easily infect others. According to […]


Mixing COVID19 vaccines could result into serious injuries to one’s body

The fight against COVID19 has seen a number of vaccines developed, among these used in Uganda is Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnsons &Johnson’s Jansenne. However, health workers warn that mixing these vaccines could result into serious injuries. In this case, they warn that if one gets the first jab as AstraZeneca and the second jab as […]

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Circulating letter purportedly from Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council.

A letter addressed to Nurses and Midwives purportedly from Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council with a wrong contact number went viral on social media. The UNMC however, through its social media platforms came out and warned the public about the fake notice.  


No project grants in the Office of the Prime minister

A letter purportedly from the office of the Prime Minister has been making rounds on social media with claims of business funding opportunities. In the letter, it is claimed that, “The office of the Prime Minister has received a cooperation Grant from VISEGRAD Foundation that seeks to support inclusive economies where individuals’ businesses and communities […]

Social Media

Fraudsters claiming to be Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development staff calling people in an attempt to extort money from them.

There are fraudsters claiming to be staff of Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development calling people in an attempt to extort money from them with an assurance that they will be appointed as Board Members of the Bank of Uganda. They ask the victims to pay money to help them process diplomatic passports to […]

Viral Social Media Post

Circulating screenshot purportedly from Mark Zuckerberg

A screenshot  purportedly by Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive officer of Facebook has surfaced on social media. In the screenshot, it is alleged that Zuckerberg said that Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and messenger to shut down again. “Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and messenger to shutdown again for 168jhrs(7days).I apologize for the disruption. I know how much you rely on […]

Daily Monitor

Claim that Former Minister Herbert Kabafunzaki has been found guilty of corruption.

The Anti-corruption court under Justice Margret Tibulya sat today morning to conclude the verdict of Herbert  Kabafunzaki. Former Junior Minister for Labour Herbert Kabafunzaki was found guilty of corruption on two accounts. He was arrested in April,2017 along with Mr Brian Mugabo,his political assistant and Mr Bruce Lubowa. These three solicited shs 15 million from […]