Photo claiming dislodged road taken in Uganda?


Someone running a twitter account in names of Atwiine Mugume claimed that the photo showing a peeled road was taken in Uganda.

Atwiine Mugume
The photo showing dislodged road was taken in Thailand not in Uganda contrary to the claim

There is an image that has been making rounds on social media showing a peeled road purportedly to have been taken in Uganda.

The image claims to show a broken road in Uganda and has also been previously shared by different social media users in other countries including Nigeria and Ghana to portray the bad situation of roads in the said countries.

The image was on September 7 2020, shared by a Ugandan twitter user @atwiine_mugume who posted; ‘’Ugandan roads look elegant after construction. Give them a year and reset to factory settings’’.

the photo purportedly taken in Uganda

However, URN made a reverse image search and found out that the photo in question was not taken in Uganda, but rather in a certain area in Thailand on 30th August 2019 and it was first uploaded by an account called Facebook Motor Thailand, the same account which showed peeling asphalt like a frozen chocolate on ice cream.

The road that was built about four years ago saw its asphalt slip off on August 30th following a flood caused by heavy rain mixed with a storm which struck the Northeast area of Thailand.

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