There’s no proposed visit by Gen. Salim Saleh to Rwanda


There's no proposed visit by Gen. Salim Saleh to Rwanda

Canary Mugume
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there's no planned visit to There's no proposed visit to Kigali by General Salim Saleh

While scrolling through twitter, i came a cross a tweet by Canary Mugume, Journalist with NBS television with breaking news.

Mugume tweeted saying,

“#Breaking: Gen. Salim Saleh, the president’s brother is expected in Kigali tomorrow to meet Pres. Paul kagame deep throat sources inside statehouse-Kigali have said.”

He further says that Saleh will be in  Kigali for 1 week and purports this is another move towards mending Uganda-Rwanda relations.

Earlier today, Mugume tweeted quoting the tweet about claiming that the trip has been postponed to a future date.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda has released a statement declaring the claim as false.

In a letter dated 17th February 2022, the Ministry says,

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would lie to categorically state that the information circulating on social media about the above visit is not true.

Uganda and Rwanda are doing everything possible to normalize their bilateral relations but are also mindful of some members of the public whose actions could derail the warm and cordial relations being cultivated between the two countries.”